Wireless Scoring--Yes or No?

Post date: Sep 23, 2011 7:54:5 AM

Garden City Duplicate Bridge Club

Scoring System Information - Please Read

At the upcoming October 7, 2011 GCDBC board meeting, Club board members will vote on whether or not to purchase a wireless scoring system. Details of the system have been discussed at previous meetings and the general consensus is that if a system is to be purchased, the Bridgemate II is the best choice for the club. For more information on the system see the Bridgemate II website at www.bridgemate.us .

Between now and the October 7 club board meeting, please let your board members know your opinion whether for or against this automated scoring system.

The Club Board members (voting) are:

Margaret Crowley (Secretary)

Marie Lynch (Treasurer)

Wanda Payne (President)

Additional information:

1. Cost of the system is approximately $2064 for a complete 12-table system. The Unit will pay for 25%, making the Club cost $1548 and the Unit cost $516.

2. Current club assets are approximately $8645.

3. Currently, income from club games are covering recurring expenses such as ACBL table fees, rent, internet, printer ink, and director costs. The scoring system will not cause an increase in card fees. Financial data is available in club minutes.

4. With the scoring system in place, scoring is completed immediately after the final board is played. Directors will not need to enter any scoring data as this task is performed when results are entered by the players after each board is played. When used correctly, scoring errors are eliminated.

5. Automated scoring systems are widely used at tournaments and are becoming very popular at club games.

Please make your opinion known to your board members.