District 18 STaC Results

Post date: Dec 10, 2011 10:36:31 PM

Garden City DBC participated this week in the District 18 STaC (Sectional Tournament at the Club). As the overall results become available, we will post the links here.

Monday Afternoon (12/5): http://www.acbl.org/stac/Results/2011/12/1112049_02.htm. Special congratulations to Nancy Coffee and Rita Hall, who came in first overall (winning 8.17 silver masterpoints), and Zada Emerson and Darolyn Nelson, who came in third overall (winning 4.6 silver masterpoints)! Other overall awards went to Bill Burback and Ralph Stone, and Diane Schurg and Sherry Marsillo. Nice job everyone!

Tuesday Evening (12/6): http://www.acbl.org/stac/Results/2011/12/1112049_06.htm. Congratulations to Rosemary Calvari and Ellie Berg for coming in first in the open pairs section (for clubs which did not field five full tables). Terry Wolfe and Jonathan Driggers, and Ken and Lori Bryan also placed, tying for third. Nice job everyone!

Friday Afternoon (12/9): http://www.acbl.org/stac/Results/2011/12/1112049_14.htm. Congratulations to Nancy Coffee and Rita Hall, who came in third overall (winning 7.13 silver masterpoints). Nice job!