Club Votes to Acquire Dealing Machine

Post date: Dec 20, 2010 8:26:42 AM

On Friday, December 17th, the club membership voted in favor of the purchase of a dealing machine which will produce hand records of games dealt and played. The vote was 18 in favor, 4 opposed. The club has recently purchased a new computer and received a printer donated from a club member.

Terry Wolfe, Unit President had previously explained the proposal and the anticipated vote of the members.

"There has been significant discussion recently about the prospects for enhancing our Club/Unit’s games through utilization of technology. Specifically, discussion has revolved around updating our computer system, obtaining electronic scoring devices, and obtaining a card dealing machine.

"The Club has purchased a new computer, which will be installed shortly. We are looking into obtaining internet at our present location, which would enable us to utilize the ACBL website to view our individual scores (instead of having to wait until they are entered in the computer and printed out after the game).

"The electronic scoring machine issue, because of the current state of a merger between the two competitors, has been put on hold. When we know who produces, and will continue to produce, the optimum scoring machine, the Club will reconsider that issue.

"The card-dealing machine, which would use about one-fourth of the combined Club and Unit resources in its purchase, is capable of dealing a session’s worth of boards in ten or fifteen minutes. It is also capable of dealing selected hands (not necessarily known to the machine operator) and, probably most importantly, producing hand records for all of the deals done by the machine. An interesting aspect of the machine cost is the guarantee. The vendor is apparently so convinced that the end-user will be satisfied with the product that they are willing to receive it back within the year and refund the purchase price.

"As of at least Monday, December 13th, a meeting notice was posted on the Club bulletin board indicating that the dealing machine would be the subject of a Club meeting on Friday, December 17th. The meeting notice was for all members, most likely to determine what the majority’s attitude regarding a dealing machine might be. Recognizing that not everyone will necessarily be playing on Friday, or available to attend the meeting, I suggest that, if you have a definite position, you let that position be known in response to this email. Please also feel free to add your thoughts or ask questions."