Open Games

Currently we have 4 games per week:

  • Monday 12:30 pm, hosted by GCDBC

  • Monday 6:00 pm, casual game hosted by GCDBC

  • Wednesday 12:30 pm, hosted by Bridge with Brando

  • Friday 12:30 pm, hosted by GCDBC

Other Events

  • Monday at 9:30 am, Guided Play of the hands. Everyone plays the same boards and there is commentary about each board.

  • Friday at 9:00 am, Newcomer game aimed at introducing players to duplicate bridge. Each Friday a short lesson is presented followed by games. Limited to those with 100 or fewer masterpoints

  • Lessons: A variety of lessons are offered through out the year.


Results are available at two different sites: The Common Game or ACBL.

GCDBC Results

Bridge With Brando Results