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Unit Directory
The unit directory below contains contact information for people who participate in ACBL-sanctioned bridge games in Unit 417 (including members of Garden City DBC and Bridge Club Missoula). You may use this information to contact people for bridge-related purposes (such as finding a partner). This information should not be publicly distributed or used for commercial purposes.

Note: To protect the privacy of our unit members, you will not be able to view the unit directory online unless you first obtain password access. You can do this in one of two ways:

(1) If you have the link. People in the directory when it was created were emailed a link to the file. You may bookmark that link, or save the email and click the link from it, to access the directory directly. If you need the link again, let us know.

(2) Create a Free Google Account. Create a free Google account by clicking here (if you provided an email address for the unit directory, then you may already have received an invitation to set up a Google account). For more information about creating a free Google account see below.

(3) Guest Login. If you would prefer not to create a free Google account, then you can also gain access to the directory by clicking here. We will email you a guest login and password.

If you have a Google account, you will need to login to the site to see the directory.
Printed copies of the directory are available at Missoula Bridge: 2825 Stockyard Road #3, Missoula, MT 59808.

New/Updated Contact Information

To add your name and contact information to the directory (or to update your existing information), please click here.

Creating a Free Google Account

Create a free Google account by clicking here. What you are in effect doing is creating a login (your email address) and a password, which will be used to access the directory.

To set up your Google account, you will need the following:
  • Working Email Address: This can be web-based, such as Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo, or one you use through your work, university, or internet service provider. It does not have to be issued by Google, but it should be the same email address as the one you've listed in the unit directory.
  • Date of Your Birthday. If you'd rather not provide this, feel free to make one up (but don't forget what date you choose).
  • Password. It is not recommended that you use the same password for your Google account as the one you presently use for your email account itself. Choose something else.
After you have created this account, you will then be able to login and view the Unit 417 directory. If you check the box labeled "Stay signed in," then whenever you access the website from your home computer the directory will automatically become visible.

Already Have a Google Account?

If you already have a Google account but it uses a different email address than the one listed in the directory, then please click here.

I've Created a Google Account but I Still Can't See the Directory

If you still do not see the directory online after you create your Google account, then please click here. We need to add your new account to the list of accounts that have permission to view the directory online.