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What is Duplicate Bridge?

What is Bridge?

Bridge is a game for people who are seeking intelligent diversions in a social setting. It is both fast-paced and mentally challenging. While a hand only takes 5 or 10 minutes to play, each one presents a new mystery to be solved. If you have never played bridge before, we can help you get started.

Click here for a brief overview from the ACBL on how to play bridge.

What is Duplicate?

Duplicate bridge is a variation of bridge which eliminates much of the luck from the game. Each hand is played at many different tables. Afterwards, the results at each table are compared, and your score depends upon how well you did relative to others who held exactly the same cards as you. The challenge in duplicate bridge is to find a better line of play than anyone else who held your cards.

Click here for a brief introduction to duplicate from the ACBL.

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(h/t www.reginabridge.com)